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Sometimes business owners get so bogged down in the day to day running of their business that it takes an outside influence to put everything into perspective and reintroduce your goal focus. I now have less stress, more energy, thought clarity and a three day working week. Sue Mill, Director/Owner, A&S Engineering

Do it now; there is always another level of achievement; invest in yourself. Robert Turner, MD, Turner Capital

I would highly recommend Mike Ashby’s programmes. We have had an amazing amount of growth, income, more time for family and personal recreation - all sectors have benefited. Kevin Deane, Director, Harcourts-Kevin Deane Real Estate Ltd

We finally got round to completing the first steps on the Biztime website.
The GAS system is straight shooting and is going to give us some good points to focus the business on. I like how the system is kind of like a project management type tool too. Mike is a brilliant presenter and very relatable.Thanks a lot!
Brockdin, Christchurch NZ


What does your ideal life look like?
business plans business plans creating a business plan business plan templates

Take your business to the next level & create your ideal lifestyle!

Reach your business goals and succeed in what you set out to achieve


This simple, easy to use, yet highly effective business tool will help you...
  • Work out practical and effective goals
  • Set achievable deadlines that will stretch your thinking
  • Track and monitor your progress
  • Plus offer you useful, everyday business advice and mentoring

Ok great, but what does that really mean?
As a small business owner we know the challenges that you face every day. The day to day running of a business often means that you don't get the chance to work on the business and create opportunities to grow your business.
This great business tool will help you do just that!
It will help you stay focused and motivated.
Remember the more committed you are to the important, the less you will be chased by the urgent.

So we have mentioned that we have this great business tool that will help you take your business to the next level and reach your goals, so what is it?

GAS - yes GAS, the Goal Achievement System (GAS) to make managing and achieving your business goals easy!
This powerful tool will keep you motivated, focused and disciplined using the easy to follow modules.  Our structured, interactive process will help you succeed.  Find out more...
It's easy, and it's great value for money.  Can you afford not to invest in yourself, your business and your future?  
Start on the path of growth and success today - click here to find out how!
The Biztime Goal Achievement System was founded by Dr Mike Ashby and is based on highly successful programmes that have helped hundreds of business owners for over 10 years. 

Business plans, marketing strategies, sales processes, investing in key staff, business processes, business technology and communication and business accounting are just some of the aspects that all business owners have to deal with on a day to day basis in running and growing their businesses. It is important to have clear goals and strategies laid out around these issues in order for you to experience growth in your business that is sustainable and workable.

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Mike's Notes

13 June 2011
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24 May 2011
The Dip
There are others in your market seeing things in a new light, have you re-positioned yourself...

2 May 2011
We can rationalize our way of doing something as being cheaper, easier, less hassel, but that doesnt mean it is the right way...

18 April 2011
Blinkered Thinking
There are opportunities in the market, they are just not what or where they used to be...

12 April 2011
Extinguish the Addiction
So many business owners are in fire fighting mode when it comes to their businesses...

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Dr Mike Ashby has worked in and with hundreds of businesses.  Drawing on all that knowledge and experience, he has created the world's simplest and most powerful online programme.
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